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Sulphur Bentonite

Sulphur Bentonite

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Global demand for agricultural use has grown rapidly in recent years, as farmers seek to replace Sulphur that was previously deposited as Γ’€œfree nutrientΓ’€ from the atmosphere. The natural supply of sulphur has dropped as a result of more efficient cleaning of industrial gases from power stations, chemical plants and other industrial sources as well as through changes in the practice of fertilizing. This has in turn been compounded as demand for sulphur has increased in line with increasing expectations of yield per hectare of agricultural land.
Elemental sulphur, although available in large quantities, cannot be used as nutrient, mainly because it is not soluble in water.
A granule of elemental sulphur therefore takes very long time before it release into the soil. One solution to this problem has been to combine elemental SULPHUR with BENTONITE, a type of clay which increases its volume by factor of 3 to 5 when it comes into contact with water.
When a Sulphur Bentonite granule (Sulphur Bentonite) comes into contact with soil moisture, it breaks apart into fragments of dust dimensions, thus allowing swift and continuous solubilisation. With its unique formulation, Sulphur Bentonite delivers the best swelling and distribution properties within the pastille sulphur market.

The use of elemental sulphur in a degradable granule, produced by mixing approximately 10% Bentonite clay Γ’€“ is becoming very popular with high application rates of 50 Γ’€“ 70 kg/hectare are required and the pastille from is easily applied, either by mechanical means or by hand.

Bentonite Sulphur produced on a system is consistently sized, free flowing and easy to handle, store and apply. The product has very low dust content and therefore complies with the highest environment standards. We are reckoned as the foremost Agriculture Sulphur Bentonite Manufacturer and Exporter from India. Therefore, we provide availability of Sulphur Bentonite in different features and specifications.

Physical Data:
  • Material is (at normal conditions) a soild.

  • Appearance and Odor Γ’€“ May have a slight sulphur odor. Pastille (half bun) shape.

  • Boiling Point Γ’€“ 44oC

  • Density Γ’€“ Solid, 1.25 Γ’€“ 1.29

  • Vapor Density - >1

  • Melting Point Γ’€“ 119oC

  • Solubility in water Γ’€“ insoluble

  • pH Γ’€“ Neutral when dry.

  • Vapor Pressure (mm Hg at 20oC ) Γ’€“ Solid : less than
    0.0001mm.Hg at 20oC Reactivity Data :

  • Stability Γ’€“ Stable

  • Conditions to Avoid Γ’€“ The main hazards are fire and dust explosions.

  • Hazardous Polymerization Conditions to Avoid Γ’€“ will not occur.

  • Mixtures with chlorates, nitrates or other oxidizing agents may be explosive sulphur will react with alkalies or alkaline earths.

Green Sulphur Pastilles 10% Formulated Swelling Agents aiding

  • Melting Point:- 119 C

  • Flash Point:- 168 C

  • Auto Ignition Temp:- 220 C

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